BREAKING NEWS!!! Chinese Man Loads Roadkill Deer Into Car [VIDEO]

Picking up roadkill deer is nothing new and nothing wrong.

In my home state of Ohio many of the counties have a deer strike list. When a deer is hit on the road and officers arrive they will call someone on the list to come pick it up. Last year I was called around nine times. The officers issue a tag and I take the deer home.

The deer I pick up are freshly hit and the meat is still good. Just be careful during the cleaning process and throw out anything that looks questionable. Don’t let the deer go to waste.

This video on the other hand is different. A Chinese man picks up a deer on E. Orange St in Lancaster City, PA. There are no officers on site and according to the person recording the video the deer was hit around 12:30 the night before. It is near the end of May and temps are definitely rising. That is not a deer I would be picking up.

The commentator on the video had a lot to say about where this Chinese man could possibly be taking the deer: