Buffalo Attacks Man on Motorcycle! [VIDEO]

Driving a motorcycle can be very dangerous when around wild animals.

When I was 13 I went to Yellowstone and watched two massive bull buffalo fight. I was about two hundred yards away from a small group of buffalo that had a single bull not far away from the small herd.

When the single bull challenged the male from the small herd the fight was bound to happen. After a few minutes the two massive buffalo charged each other and hit with such force I thought I had just heard a shotgun go off! The lone bull hit the alpha from the herd with such force he was knocked back and shook like he had been struck by lightning.

Now the lone bull took all the females and walked off to go have the spoils of victory. If this bull would have hit this motorcycle with the same force the rider could have possibly been killed! I would say that the rider got very lucky this time, but I wouldn’t recommend riding through Yellowstone on a bike again.