Bull Bison Brutally Stabbed by Hunters [Graphic Images]

On February 21, 2017 A group of bison watchers were on patrol in the afternoon heading up Jardine Road to one of the lookout points and were checking on recent remains of bison kills when they heard five gunshots.

It took about ten minutes to drive down Jardine Road and discover there were no hunting vehicles present, but we saw three teenagers and one younger boy situated about 50 yards up an incline from the road. They were busy gutting one of the bulls.


Bison Slaughter 1


They then spotted the other bull only 15 yards from the road and it was still breathing  the watcher group walked up to the teenagers to tell them this bull was still alive.


Bison Slaughter 2


The teenagers came down to the suffering bull with knives in their hands and immediately proceeded to stab him in the neck. The bull immediately jumped to his knees and everyone scattered. The bull fell down, but was actively moving its legs and head.


Bison Slaughter 3


The teenagers once again proceeded to stab him in the neck several more times.


Bison Slaughter 4
Bison Slaughter 5


He fought for his life as they stabbed him, raising his legs and hindquarters toward the sky .


Bison Slaughter 6
Bison Slaughter 8


The teenagers were giving up.

Then the adult hunters arrived. One of the hunters walked up to the struggling bull and shot it.


Bison Slaughter 9



These bull bison migrated past over the border and out of Yellowstone. Making them legal to shoot.