Bull Elk Imaples Golfer with Antler – Slices Kidney in Half

Elk are magnificent animals but they are wild animals and must be respected. They can become very dangerous, especially around the rut when a male’s hormones take over and they become unpredictable.

According to KDVR, Zak Bornhoft was golfing at a golf course in Evergreen, Colorado when he had a close encounter with a bull elk when the bull charged the golf cart he was in and stabbed him in the stomach. The antler traveled all the way through his body slicing his kidney in half.

“The doctor told me three inches either way we wouldn’t be sitting here. He said it would have been better to have been stabbed with a knife because of the dirt on the elk antlers,” Zak’s wife Megan Bornhoft explained.

Zak is lucky to be alive. Pray he makes a speedy recovery.

Denver Parks and Recreation is treating this as an isolated event and urging other golfers to exercise caution when recreating in the area.