Girl Goes Fishing And Lands Giant Bull SHARK [VIDEO]

How many men have ever caught a giant bull shark?

Sometimes girls don’t get enough credit from the hunting and fishing community. In my family, most of the females hunt and fish. From my little nieces all the way back to my Grandma. Who at 80 yrs old still brings her deer to the ground. My family is not a typical one however. The hunting and fishing community has always been predominantly men. It wasn’t until just recent years that number of female hunters and anglers have really began to rise.

My hat goes off to this young lady for making an amazing catch. There is some awesome shark action in this video, including incredible underwater footage. Be sure to watch until the end of the video when Darcie tells you her how to tips on catching sharks..

Its not just the men enjoying the outdoors anymore. I’m not saying that is a bad thing either. We need to embrace all our fellow hunters and anglers.