Cabela’s Affirms Their Stance To Stand For African Hunting

Recently a pro staffer from Cabela’s quit, and put out a post saying why. she had received an email telling her she was not to post pictures of her African hunts to her social media accounts. This did not set well with hunters around the country.

I wanted to be fair to them since Cabela’s has a long history of supporting legal hunting around the world. Something did not seem right.

In a phone interview with Cabela’s, I was told that the email was not approved by the corporate offices and does not reflect their actual policy. They stand firm in their commitment to stand with all legal hunting around the world and that will never change.

This was confirmed by a list of things that Cabela’s has done such as supporting Safari Club International, The Boone And Crockett Club, and countless TV shows.

A concern was presented that the purchase of Cabela’s by Bass Pro could have been the reason for some changes. I was told there were no such changes. It was then reiterated to me that they stand with ” all forms of legal and ethical hunting around the world.”

Hunters do not take kindly to companies not supporting hunting and fishing. Just ask Dick’s and Under Armour. Those companies have betrayed the trust of hunters in the past and it is understandable that hunters are nervous.

It seems to me that an overly ambitious employee probably sent the email out to some of their pro staff without corporate approval. They were probably trying to prevent the type of blowback seen after Cecil the lion and thought they were doing the right thing.

After personally talking with one of their reps, I believe that if anti-hunters launched a Cecil like style of attack against a Cabela’s pro-staffer, the company would back them 100% knowing that hunters would stand behind them.

Let us not forget the positive things Cabela’s has done for hunting. They have confirmed that they stand for all legal hunting around the world. There is nothing in their past would cause me to question this. It was a mistake that was never a corporate policy.

I will continue to stand with Cabela’s and their support of hunting, and I hope you do too.