Cabela’s Response to Criticism Over New Social Media Policy

I recently wrote an article about Jeanette Halls viral Facebook post. As a former pro staffer of Cabela’s, she had decided to no longer represent the company because she received an Email from corporate stating “I can no longer post photos of my African hunts or exotic hunts.”

This article received so much outrage that Cabela’s responded to some of the people that had concerns. here it is.

Cabela’s Hi Christian, thanks for reaching out. Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s is steadfast in our support of hunting, which is a critical conservation tool for saving species in Africa and around the world. Our proud commitment is reflected through our decades of strong support for the conservation efforts of Dallas Safari Club and Safari Club International and throughout our stores, sponsored television shows, ambassadors and partnerships. Despite a recent misunderstanding causing some confusion on social media, we fully encourage our pro team members to share photos from their hunts and adventures around the world to help us promote legal and responsible hunting and a shared love of the outdoors.

I hope this is true since I do like their store. There is just one problem. I have received screen shots from multiple pro staff of the policy they have been sent. here is the picture so you can see for yourself.

I have tried to reach out to Cabela’s but have not received a response. If they would like to explain themselves in any way I will write it up and share it with everyone. It is important to remember that Cabela’s ( now owned by Bass Pro) has a long track record of supporting the hunting community. They may have a good reason, so follow The Hunting News on Facebook for any updates.