California Gets Called Out on Anti-Hunting White Privilege

Right now there is a bill in the California Senate that would prohibit the possession of of 11 species of African animals. Godfrey Harris the Managing Director of the Ivory Education Institute responded with an epic take down and calling out of the purposed legislation. Although he does not use the term “White Privilege.” His response is the text book liberal definition of it.

In a letter to the editor published by The True Green Alliance, Mr. Harris pens the following:

Again California presumes to tell Africa how to deal with its wildlife assets. In worrying about endangered species, we show no concern for the impoverished humans who live among them without any economic benefit from them. By favoring a California prohibition on wildlife trophies, we invoke the 19th-century colonial attitude of Napoleon III’s premier who said: The higher races have a right over the lower races.

Really? And what would your editorial comment be if the South African parliament passed legislation barring its citizens from traveling to California because the use of recreational marijuana could have deleterious effects on South Africans society? Your outrage toward a country 10,000 miles away interfering in California’s business might demand a boycott of all things South African.

Wildlife in Africa needs Africans to apply sustained and balanced use policies, rather than the failed prohibitions, restrictions and sanctions always favored by Westerners.

Well said Mr. Harris. This bill reeks of white privilege, colonialism, and even racism. Are we to believe that California knows and cares more about African wildlife then the Africans themselves? Do the anti-hunters that live in their ivory towers think their emotions hold more weight then other peoples livelihood?

Hunting is conservation. It gives value to wildlife and the incentive make it sustainable. African wildlife needs hunting. Habitat destruction is the number one challenge facing wildlife world wide. Hunting gives land managers incentive to preserve habitat.