California Man Fights Wild Fires with Bud Light

Move over Florida man and make way for California man. When it comes to saving your home from the wildfires that have been ripping through the state you have to do what you have to do and by any means necessary that includes using your stockpile of beer to save your home.

According to 19 News, California homeowner Chad Little vowed to protect his home from the LNU Lightning Complex fire. The Vacaville man decided to fight the fire instead of evacuating, after his water was turned off he turned to the only liquid available his stash of Bud Light.

Little lost his home five years ago in an attic fire, and he was almost finished with the rebuild. He did not want to go through that again.

“This happens, and I’m like, ‘No, I can’t. I can’t let it go,‘” Little said.

He was not prepared when his water was shut off, so he grabbed a rake and started racking the dry grass trying to make a fir break, but small fires started popping up.

“I was putting out fires all the way around here, stopping it from going toward the house. Meanwhile, all the cars were on fire,” he said.

“It was burning on the wood down low, and I didn’t have any water,” Little said. “I had one barrel with a little bit of water in it, and I tried using that. It didn’t work.”

He grabbed the only other liquid he had available — cans of Bud Light.

“When I ripped up the sheet metal, it had a nail, so I was just shaking it up, popping it just and spraying them, popping it out and grabbing another one.,” Little said. ”My buddies all tease me about drinking water beer, and I say, ‘Hey, saved my shop.’”

Little said firefighters arrived soon after he used his beer to extinguish the flames at his shop.

We not sure how much beer was used to extinguish the fires, but my guess would be a pretty good amount. Hopefully, Budweiser can hook this good old boy up with a few cold ones.