Cameron Hanes Attacked on Social Media, His Response is Epic

Being in the outdoor industry we see our fair share of hate from the anti-hunters.

Anti-hunters love to try and ruffle the feathers of the more well known hunters. Think about Ted Nugent, anti-hunters hate him with a passion but his feathers never get ruffled. He always has a laugh about ignorant comments.

Another well known hunter is Kendall Jones, ironically the anti-hunters are actually the ones that made her famous. Really makes you laugh when their attacks completely backfire.

Just yesterday Aug. 11th Cameron Hanes received an excessively heated comment. The Facebook user who goes by the name of Mckenna Williams had a lot to say about Hanes. Anti-hunters always seem to go straight for the name calling and wishing death upon hunters. Which is weird seeing that death is the reason they are mad in the first place.

You will find the hateful comment and also Hane’s is epic response below.

Way to go Cameron keep being the bigger man and helping make the world and the outdoors a better place.