Cameron Hanes Goes on Fox to Fight for Public Lands

Avid bow hunter and endurance athlete Cameron Hanes went on Fox Business to discuss public lands transfer and HB 622. Cameron, along with many other hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiast, are against both. The transfer of public lands to state control would eventually lead to the selling of those lands and the loss of hunting and fishing rights.

When it comes to HB 622 this is what Cameron had to say, “HR 622 is not something that hunters, fishermen and outdoor lovers can support. After navigating this process, to me 622 feels like a way to begin transitioning in to a federal land transfer, which could result in the selling of public land to private, maximum yield industry, and that is not where most public land advocates want to head.”

It is awesome to have advocates, like Cameron Hanes, willing to speak up for the hunting community. He has a powerful voice that is heard not only in hunting circles, but also in the world of endurance athletics and running in general.