Cameron Hanes Sets CNN Straight about Hunting and Conservation

Hunters are lucky to have an ally like Cameron Hanes. He is not afraid to set the record straight and the fact that he is now a member of the International Wildlife Conservation Council is a boon for all sportsmen. And a bane to media outlets like CNN.

The Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke set up the council to advise him on how hunting can and does contribute to conservation. CNN wrote a story that took issue with the fact that the council had a lot of hunters as members. They wanted more representation for the animal rights organizations.

CNN ignored the fact that those groups are not really conservation groups at all, but more accurately preservation groups. Conservation means wise use, “USE” being the key word. Groups such as PETA, The Humane Society International, and the like believe in NO USE.

The article was basically animal rights groups complaining that they were being left out of a conversation that they should never be in. Hunting as proven itself to be an effective tool in conservation. A lot of times hunting is the answer and other times it is not. Hunters know the difference and if hunting will hurt the species they will recommend that it will not be hunted. The animal rights groups oppose hunting no matter what the science says.They would be coming to the table in bad faith already rejecting a proven tool.

Cameron responded to the story in a Facebook post this past week.

Not exactly @cnn. Just not the “right” conservation groups in your opinion.
And regarding my comments of hunting in Africa from this article. I don’t think the antis understand that we both want the same thing. The delivery of this message is what we need to get better at in my opinion. Poachers are the enemy, not legal hunters.  I believe we’ve done a good job of explaining conservation to other hunters but not a great job of giving the right “message” of hunting to the general public. I see and hear everyday what many non-hunters think of us, especially those in Europe, and it is simply not accurate. I want them to see what I see and know…hunters are respectful, dedicated and consciously in-tune of where their meat comes from. And, because of our contributions as hunters our wildlife in the USA thrives. I also know some of us will have the attitude of screw em’! Who cares what people in other countries think about us or our “message”! I get that too and probably would have had that same attitude not too many years ago. But in the social climate of today I believe that approach is pretty shortsighted. What outsiders think about hunters is extremely important. When I grew up hunters were respected and held in high regard. I want that again.

Not exactly @cnn. Just not the "right" conservation groups in your opinion. And regarding my comments of hunting in…

Posted by Cameron Hanes on Saturday, March 17, 2018

Well said Cameron keep up the good work and “Keep Hammering!”