Candidate Plans to Give AR-15 to Doners

According to Channel 19 News, Eric Brakey, a congressional candidate fro Maine, is offering donors to his congressional campaign a chance to win an AR-15.  The former state senator is offering the sweepstakes to anyone who is making monthly contributions to his campaign. The deadline is November 17th. There is more information on the campaign website.

Brakey says, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and my opponent, Jared Golden want to take away your guns. But I want to give you one!”

In a series of Tweets, Brakey says there is functionally no difference between an AR-15 and a hunting rifle, and that if you can take an AR-15 away, the hunting rifle will go away, too. 

“Maine has proven once again that an armed society is a polite society,” said Eric Brakey. “We are having an incredible response to our AR-15 giveaway already and expect it to grow as we get closer to November 17th deadline for entries,” Brakey emphasized in a release from his campaign.

According to the Twitter comments, liberal heads are exploding.