Car hits deer and launches it through school bus window!

A bus driver and his students were taken to a hospital after a deer was launched through the school bus window. A car hit the 200 lbs buck and sent the deer flying through driver side windshield.

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Mark Jardin, the bus driver said, “It just came through my windshield headfirst. (Its) head is on my lap and the antlers are flailing because it’s still alive. It caught me on the arm and then it got me in the chest, but I have no idea how it missed my face (and) my neck.”

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Jardin went on to talk about how he wrestled the buck by his antlers then got the kids off the bus.

“All I heard was the bus stopping and then a big crash,” eighth-grader Zac Lake said. “There was so much glass in my backpack.”

“I was covered in deer organs,” student Zhoe Rodrigues said. “It was nasty.”

November is the whitetail deer rut. Deer will be running like crazy all over the country. This time of year you will see a lot of dead deer on the sides of the road, so be careful while you drive.

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