Car with Wild Turkey Stuck in Grill Lead Wardens on High-Speed Chase

I am all about grilled turkey but this crazy story out of Oklahoma takes the cake. A game warden intercepted a car during a high-speed chase that coincidentally had a wild turkey stuck in the grill. Oklahoma Game Wardens posted about the strange incident on their Facebook page.

On May 12, 2019 Game Warden Lt. James Edwards Jr (Beckham County) was on patrol near Elk City Lake. Lt. Edwards heard radio traffic between Beckham County Sherriff’s Office and Washita County Sherriff’s office concerning a pursuit of a Grey 4 door car driven by a early 20’s male. Realizing he was in position to intercept the suspect Lt. Edwards quickly went into action.
At an intersection nearby Warden Edwards observed a vehicle and driver consistent with the description on the radio…. along with what appeared to be a turkey wing stuck in the grill of the car. Lt Edwards initiated his emergency lights and siren and a lengthy pursuit ensued with speeds approaching 100mph on county roads. Multiple driving violations occurred before and during the pursuit with the suspect. The suspect eventually pulled into his grandparents residence and was apprehended there.
During the arrest the suspect’s parent demanded to know why there was a “Game Warden” involved in this event. Lt. Edwards seized the opportunity to tell them that it wasn’t so much the fact there was a wild turkey stuck in the grill, but the illegal actions of the son that got the Game Warden involved.
Our Game Wardens are fully certified police officers in the state of Oklahoma. We often assist other law enforcement agencies and are happy to do so. We hope you enjoy stories like this!

#GrilledTurkeyOn May 12, 2019 Game Warden Lt. James Edwards Jr (Beckham County) was on patrol near Elk City Lake. Lt….

Posted by Oklahoma Game Wardens on Tuesday, June 18, 2019

It seems to me that the warden had no idea that the turkey was there until after the incident was over. Just one of them weird things.