CBS Reports “Largest Buck Ever” Shows They Have No Clue About Hunting.

There has been a lot of confusion over some recent reports by CBS Chicago about, “the largest buck ever shot”.

shown below: 52 point buck shot by Keith Szableswki

Image result for record 52 point buck cbs

The largest buck ever shot is the Tucker buck. It is a 47 point giant that scored 313 2/8 inches. The buck that CBS is reporting about is a 52 point that will probably score around 200 inches, shot by Keith Szableski. It appears that the CBS news affiliate does not understand that bucks are measured in inches and not by total points.

shown below: Tucker buck and current all time record

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I do not want to take anything away from the amazing buck shot by Keith Szableswki. This buck may have the most scorable points of all time, but that is not how bucks are scored. It is not the largest buck ever shot. I hope this clears it up for everyone.