Anti-Hunting Celebrity Honored for Being a Bully

Animal Rights Group, Humane Society International honored cyber bully Ricky Gervais with the Cecil Award for his “work” against “trophy” hunting. Gervais got his start for supposedly being a comedian, even though he really is not that funny. He has made a name for himself recently for bullying hunters on social media.

According to the Sportsmen’s Alliance, Gervais has routinely used social media to target hunters that his 10 million followers then threaten publicly, privately and professionally – including death threats.

He really seems to single out women.  Melissa Bachman, Rebecca Francis, Tess Thompson Talley, Kendel Jones, and others have been targeted by Gervais. I imagine he views them as easy targets.

As much as the media and others talk about stopping bullying, they turn a blind eye about the bullying of hunters on social media.  The Sportsmen’s Alliance echoes the same sentiment and the Humanin Society confirms it.

Mainstream media meanwhile decries cyber bullying in nightly news stories, but blissfully and aggressively reports on Gervais’ tweets and posts, and the ensuing fallout, amplifying that very effect while profiting from ad revenue the salacious stories produce, but almost never condemning the Hollywood elitist for putting careers and lives in danger.

The Humane Society of the United States acknowledged as much in a press release: “By speaking out in the media and to his millions of fans on social media, Gervais raised tremendous global consciousness and outrage against horrific trophy hunting.”

What makes Gervais even more of a hypocrite is that he is a meat eater. He decries the killing of an animal by hunters all while stuffing his face with meat that other people have killed. He has no problem with factory farming but protein harvested by hunters is somehow evil.

Even in trophy hunting, all the meat is used. It goes to feed local villages and they are excited to get the meat. Local communities get jobs, tourism dollars, and food. Everyone wins from hunting, but Gervais fails to consider this dynamic but chooses instead to bully those who he deems unacceptable.

The media’s claimed abhorrence to cyber bullying rings hollow when they do not apply the standard to everyone. If you participate in an activity that the certain groups deem wrong you are deemed worthy of bullying. So instead of preventing bullying, they are just perpetuating it.