Celebrity Hunting Couple Indicted in Huge Poaching Bust

The largest poaching case in Nebraska state history broke over this past week and more big names have been mentioned. The bust has already seen a conviction of a contributor to Drury Outdoors, Rod Owen, and now some new celerity names have surfaced.

According to Deer and Deer Hunting, Josh and Sarah Bowmar were named in a 20-page court document alleging that they violated wild game laws while hunting with Hidden Hills Outfitters. They are accused of illegal baiting of wildlife, hunting turkeys without a valid permit, illegally transporting game across state lines, and being a party to other violations.

The indictment is also asking for the Bowmars to forfeit a compound bow; a 10-point rack from a buck killed by Josh Bowmar on Dec. 29, 2016; a 10-point rack from a buck killed by Josh Bowmar on Sept. 21, 2017; an 8-point rack from a buck killed by Sarah Bowmar on Sept. 6, 2017; and a sum of money equal to the value of the property involved in five counts from the indictment.

Even though this case is only coming to light now for most of the hunting community, it has been progressing unnoticed for at least the last year. The Bowmars responded to the charges back in March 2019 with a a civil-rights suit against the United States Fish and Wildlife Service of the Department of the Interior. We have no word on how that is progreassing.

So far 30 people have pled guilty in the case and it appears that more convictions are on the way, as this case and others head to trial. As of right now the Bowmars are innocent till proven guilty in a court of law, so we will hold our judgement in the case until the results are known.

This will not be the first time the Bowmars have found themselves embroiled in controversy. Josh found himself the target of internet outrage after he posted a video of him killing a bear with a spear. Some of the fallout from that was his wife losing a sponsorship with Under Armour.

During that incident the hunting community rallied around the Bowmars, but if they are convicted of poaching violations, I do not see anyone in the community coming to their aid.

The Bowmar’s Attorney has issued a statement addressing the indictment of his clients. CLICK HERE to read the statement.