Cellphone Saves Man’s Life from Arrow

Cellphone stops arrow from hitting man

We have all seen western movies where the sherrif’s life is saved because the bullet hit his badge. Now we have the same kind of thing with a modern twist. A man’s life was saved when his cellphone took a direct hit from an arrow.

According to Fox 8 News, a 43-year-old Australian man first noticed the attacker — armed with a bow and arrow — in the driveway of his home as he left his car. As the resident got out of his car he raised his phone to take a picture of the armed man.

The man with the bow fired upon the other man and hit his cell phone. The only injury the man suffered was a small scratch on the chin where he was struck by the cellphone.

It was reported that both men knew each other but did not specify the reason for the altercation.

The police were called and arrested the archer and charged him with intent to commit an indictable offense, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and malicious damage.

Looks to be only a few inches of penetration

You do not see too many attempted murders committed with a bow, but it was Austrailia that has strict gun laws. It just goes to show that if people want to try and harm you they will find a way.