New Matt Bomer Movie Is Changing Minds About Hunting

The 96-minute drama was written and directed by two Montana brothers, Alex and Andrew Smith.

Matt Bomer is the star of ‘Walking Out’. You may have seen him in the hit tv show ‘Blue Collar’. Your wife knows him from ‘Magic Mike’.

The short version of the plot: A divorced father and his estranged 14-year-old son, who comes to visit for a winter hunting trip. A struggle to understand each other becomes a struggle for survival, following a surprise encounter deep in the mountains.

Strong audience reaction and reviews – calling the film “moving and thrilling” and “captivating and poignant” – after only two screenings.

The Smith brothers said they did not set out to make a pro-hunting or anti-hunting film. However, a couple of audience members said they had their views altered. “I had been anti-gun and anti-hunting,” one woman told the filmmakers. “This film shifts my attitude about hunting…and its value and its culture.”

Another viewer, from Montana, said he appreciated hunting being depicted, not as brutal, but as an important part of the social fabric in much of America.

‘Walking out’ will get its third Sundance screening Monday evening in Salt Lake City and continue its bid for a distribution deal.

Although it is a Sundance Indie film, its great to see hunting being portrayed in the positive light it deserves.

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