Charges to Be Filed After Dead Coyote Found with Zip-Tie Around Its Muzzle

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries plan on filing charges against the person or persons who dumped a dead coyote and bobcat in a creek.

According to ABC News 13, the coyote was found with a zip tie around its muzzle and a block of wood stuffed in its mouth. At first, the story was reported that it was a domestic dog and a $1000 reward was offered by Danville-Area Humane Society for any information leading to arrest and conviction of those responsible.

Conservation Officers stated that those responsible will be charged with unlawful disposal of wild animals. That person responsible has not been identified yet because the charges have not been served.

What most of the nonhunting public do not know is that the zip tie and wood are common ways of tagging a coyote for a hunting contest. Many people will read the original story and assume the coyote was tortured and gagged while still alive.

This looks a whole lot worse than it is. As hunters, we need to avoid things that make us look bad. We should properly dispose of carcasses and not give people reasons to jump to conclusions.