Charging Grizzly VS Bear Spray (VIDEO)

A charging grizzly is nothing to sneeze at. You better hope you have either bear spray or a good side arm or those teeth might be the last thing you see.

According to KTVQ, a three-person film crew from Visionhawk Films went to the Paradise Valley 20 miles from Yellowstone National Park with bear expert Casey Anderson to film him for an interview.

During the filming, a sow and her cub appear. The sow feels threatened and charges. Luckily for the group Anderson was prepared. He was able to draw his bear spray and discharge it into the Charging Grizzly’s face.

The bear is a lot closer then what it looks like

The video is a little deceptive the bear is a lot closer then what it looks like. According to the article Anderson waited until the charging grizzly was at 10 feet before he cut loose with the spray.

It is a good thing she turned or they would have been torn apart.