Child Loses Tip of Thumb in Airgun Accident

Air guns are not toys and should be treated with the same respect as conventional firearms. Safety should be everyone’s number one priority whenever handling them and always use them in the manner they were designed. All it takes is a lapse in judgment for there to be serious consequences.

Tracy Davidson Boswell posted a warning to others about her son’s accident with a pellet rifle. The boy wanted to see what would happen if he pulled the trigger of an airgun while the barrel was in the down position. The barrel snapped pack with enough force to take off the tip of his thumb.

In a Facebook post Tracy wrote:

“Not a post that I really want to make and I apologize now for the graphic pictures, but I feel this is necessary in hopes that this will save another kid from making the same mistake. Life lessons can be tough and this one sure was for our little guy. He’s always very responsible with his BB gun and all other guns he comes in contact with but kids will always be kids and completely curious at all times. That being said, he was using his dad’s old pellet gun yesterday that has a breakdown barrel similar to the one posted. He had the barrel down and wanted to see what would happen if he pulled the trigger while the barrel was open. Not a good end-result…when the barrel came up it took the end of his thumb off. Our little guy will be okay but please share so this doesn’t happen to another kiddo just out trying to be a kid!😢 Thank you for all the prayers, calls and texts for our little man, they’re all greatly appreciated! PLEASE SHARE!”

Please, keep her son in your thoughts and pray for a speedy recovery.