Chris Brackett Accused of Poaching! Video is Pretty Damning

As hunters we do not condone poaching in any way shape or form.

Even more so we despise TV hunters who poach. They are the most well known of our community and the faces that most people think of. Unfortunately, another TV hunter has been found poaching. This time it is Chris Brackett.

The video below shows Chris Brackett shooting an 8 point buck, then reload his muzzleloader and shoot a 10 point buck just minutes after. This took place in Indiana which is a one buck state.

According to our sources the landowner he gave Chris strict instructions not to shoot the tall 8 point because it was too young. Chris shot it anyway but never told the landowner he shot it and also never went to look or it. That is a disgrace to hunters everywhere.

This this video has been released Chris has so far lost his sponsorship with MossyOak and probably more to follow.

The below video will show how Chris treats his cameramen and just his overall character: