Chris Brackett Indicted on Poaching Charges

Chris Brackett IndictedLast year video surfaced of hunting celebrity Chris Brackett shooting two bucks while filming his television  show, Fear No Evil. The video spread quickly across the internet and it effectively ended his career in the outdoor industry. Now it seems that the law has finally caught up with internet justice.

According to The Central Illinois Proud, Brackett was indicted on 15 November on charges that he illegally killed more deer than permitted in Indiana. The indictment alleges that Brackett engaged in illegal hunting in 2013 by shooting and killing two bucks in Indiana and transporting one buck to Illinois.

Chris Brackett with DeerOn Dec. 21, 2013, Brackett first shot and killed a smaller, eight-point buck before he shot the larger, 11-point buck, that he dubbed “Unicorn Buck.” Brackett allegedly checked in the “Unicorn Buck”  under his license.

And the next day the indictment alleges that Brackett purchased a second non-resident deer muzzleloader permit under his cameraman’s name and then registered the first, smaller buck with the permit purchased in the cameraman’s name.

Chris Brackett Close upThe hunt in question aired on the sportsmen’s Channel in the fall of 2014 with edited footage that did not show Brackett killing the first, smaller buck.

If convicted, as charged, the statutory maximum penalty for each offense, conspiracy to violate the Lacey Act (count one) and a violation of the Lacey Act (count two), is up to five years in prison and fines of up to $250,000. Both are felony offenses.

Chris Bracket with "Killer" ShirtIt took a year for these indictments to come down, which is plenty of time for the state of Indiana to get all their ducks in a row. With what we have seen in the video and what is listed in this indictment, things do not look good for Chris Brackett.

I guess we will see what happens when Chris has his day in court.