City Proposes Fine for Hanging Deer in Your Yard

Once again the general publics’ disconnect from where their food comes from rears it’s ugly head. a city in Wisconson has proposed a city ordinance that would prohibit residents from hanging deer in their yards.

According to the Wausau Pilot, the Wausau city council has proposed an ordinance. That would impose a $50 fine on hunters who display deer carcasses in their yards.

Hanging deer like this would be illegal in the city limits

The city proposed the ordinance because of complaints from “some members of the community.”

The proposed ordinance reads:

“No person shall dismember, display, eviscerate, hang, skin or slaughter any animal or part of an animal in any front or side yard, in any rear yard other than in an enclosure that will prevent such activity from being viewed by persons adjacent to such yard, or on any public property in the City.”

Wausau City Council

In my opinion, this is ridiculous. Hunting is a time-honored past time that provides food for thousands of families every year. It is an attack on hunters’ constitutional rights and places an undue burden on hunters who do not own a garage.

This is where our food comes from

The ordinance is subject to full council approval. The Public Health and Safety Committee meets at 5:15 p.m. Monday, Oct. 21. You can contact the city government here if you would like to voice your disapproval.