City Responds to Criticism of Deer Hanging Ban

The city of Wausau, Wisconson held a council meeting to discuss a proposed ban on the hanging of deer within city limits. The city proposed a $50 fine for anyone who hung an animal carcass in their yard that was within view of neighboring properties.

According to WSAU CBS 7, the proposal has been officially scrapped. The city of Wausau’s Public Health and Safety Committee decided that the proposal was a huge overreach and not to move forward.

“Based on the volume of public opinion that we received, I am glad to see that this ordnance stops here and that it didn’t go any further because I think that it is an example of what a lot of people would consider an overreach. It would create too big of an impact for a very small problem,” said Chairperson Lisa Rasmussen.

The idea for the Draft of Public Display or Processing of Animals Ordinance seemed to come from a single resident. Who complained about a neighbor that carcasses in their front yard, which is near an elementary school.

It is good to see that cooler heads prevailed and the council refrained from imposing an undue burden on hunters.