Cold Weather Decimates Texas’s Exotic Wild Animals

An unusual cold snap brought cold weather and snow to Texas. This once-in-a-century winter weather put a strain on the state’s electrical grid causing rolling blackouts, many people were left without power and struggling to keep warm and cook food.

As temperatures are starting to climb, Texans are finally able to assess the damage and things are not looking good. Game ranches in Texas are collecting bodies of many exotics animals killed by the cold weather. Pictures from Facebook show trailers and truck beds filled with axis deer, blackbuck, and many other varieties of animal.

Most of these animals originate in warm climates and while some were able to adjust to the cold others have not and the bodies are beginning to pile up.

Many of these animals belong to game farms, some high fence, some low fence, and some free-range there is no telling exactly how many animals died and what kind of toll the weather took on certain species.

These are just a few pictures that we found posted on Facebook. We are certain that there are many more examples of how this weather affected animals that were not prepared to face these harsh conditions.

Please keep Texas in your prayers. We probably will not know the extent of the ecological damage for awhile.

This will definitely affect Texas’s hunting industry much and to what extent is still known.