Construction worker goes pee. Saves hunters life!

A local construction worker took a break to go pee when he stumbled on a life or death situation. The construction worker walked into the woods when he heard screams for help. A hunter had fallen out of his treestand and impaled himself on a branch.

The hunter had made his own treestand with branches nailed to the tree as steps. He missed a step, fell, and was impaled while still being suspended in the air. Fortunately, two men that were called to the situation were tall enough to hold him while paramedics cut the branch off of the tree.

This is a Facebook post from Karen Byer Halmen whos husband held the man up while he was cut off the tree.

We have some local heroes that saved a man’s life last night, my husband, Donald Halman, is one of them. A man was deer hunting near the RR tracks on Pressler Rd in the woods. He made his own deer stand stairs by sawing branches into stairs. He stepped back too far and fell onto one of the branches he used as a step. It impaled him completely at six feet off the ground. It was out of the ordinary that there were people working at the near by trucking yard. The bobcat driver took a pee break in the woods and heard screaming. He found the hunter hanging in the air facing down with the branch through his stomach and out his back near his shoulder. He got the other two working men and called authorities. One police officer and Don were over six feet tall and could hold the man up while they cut the branch off the tree. He rode in the ambulance with the branch inside of him. Today he is alive!!!! Thank you to our heroes!!!