Controversial Lidderdale Deer Head Stolen

This story was crazy enough and it just got crazier. Apparently the head from the Ron Lidderdale deer was stolen out of the back of his truck some time this morning. This just marks another turn of events in the crazy last couple of days.

Here is a quick run down from what we know.

Ron Lidderdale shot a monster 280 class buck at a High Fence game farm in Central Ohio. He took the deer home took some photos and tons of those pictures made their way online. The claim was made either by him or some of his friends that the buck was a free range deer killed on his lease. The photo’s blew up the internet and spread like lightning.

The High Fence operation posted a picture of the deer and confirmed that in fact Liddendale killed the deer on their farm.

Today Lidderdale posted this on Facebook.

This morning at Crossroads Restaurant my deer head was taken from the back of my truck. If anyone has any information on who may have taken it and leads to the retrieval of my Deer head, there will be a reward. Tuscarawas county game warden and sheriff have been notified. Thank you very much for your help.

I get that what he did was wrong trying to pass off a high fence deer as free range, but it does not give anyone the right to take his property. I hope he gets it back.

If we get any updates on the Lidderdale Deer we will let you know.