Convicted Poacher calls his crime “a good faith killing”

Greg Myers was convicted of poaching a 560 lb black bear in Pennsylvania called ‘the biggest bear ever seen in the county’. The bear was shot a day after bear season had closed. Myers believed that bear was in season.

Pennsylvania has had the same closing date for bear and deer archery season since 2012. This year deer season was extended by one day, so those off for veterans day could have an extra day to hunt. Bear season was not extended.

“Since 2012 it’s been that way. Every year since, except for one day in 2018 when I shot the bear.”  He added, ” it was a good faith killing”.

 “In past years, they have lined up,” said state Game Warden Scott Brookens, “but they are different seasons. Every year, they could be different. Mr. Myers was asked if he was aware that seasons and bag limits could change every year. He was aware of that case.” 

He was fined $1,200 and ordered to pay court costs of about $117. He was found not guilty of an accusation of resisting or interfering with the game warden during the investigation.  The game commission asked for a $5,000 replacement fee for the bear but it was denied by the judge.

Myers said the judge took his defense into consideration and ” did not see me as a willful poacher out there.”