Convicted Poacher Spook Spann Kills Big Buck and Calls Out “Haters”

In 2013 Spook Spann was convicted of poaching a monster deer in Kansas in 2007.  Under a plea agreement, he was required to pay a $10,000 fine, pay $10,000 in restitution and three years of federal supervised release. Spann also lost his U.S. hunting privileges for six months, with another six months in Kansas.

In 2014 Spann was sentenced to 30 days in jail for violating his parole by assisting in turkey hunts in Tennesee.

The hunting community is very unforgiving when it comes to poaching. It will forever tarnish your record and it maybe impossible to shake, especially if you are celebrity TV hunter. It does not matter how many big bucks you kill or how snarky you are to your “Haters” all people will remember is the one you killed illegally.

That seems to be the problem Spook Spann is having. He posted a to his Facebook page showing a monster buck he just killed. He goes over the details of the hunt and adds just enough snark to the end to presumably dig at his detractors.

After 3 years of just a few trial Cam pics, acquiring permission to hunt more land, lots of planting, planning and strategizing, the freaky narly buck we named “Thunder” is finally in my hands. I can’t believe it happened. After surviving being hit by a car, breaking both main beams and a drop tine, surviving 7 long hunting seasons and I’m sure many battles with other bucks, Thunder is a buck of a life time.
I want to thank the land owner, the farmer, the neighbors for all their help in making this happen. Thanks to JD for a spectacular job getting some of the best footage we’ve ever shot of a giant kill. Thanks to my kids and especially my amazing wife Marty for their support and love. Thanks to the doe that he followed into range of my Diamond. My biggest thanks goes to the good Lord above for the privilege to do what I do and put such an amazing animal on this earth. I look forward to sharing the stories and dream buck with everyone. Thanks to all my family, friends, viewers and fellow outdoorsman for your support and encouraging words over the years.
My apologies to the haters for upsetting you again.

Was the last part even necessary? IT seems like Spann just wants to poke his critics and act as they do not have a legitament reason to critisis him. Poaching is a big deal and hunter take very seriously. One commentor pressed him on the issue and here was his responce.

Ya had me back in your corner until the last line…last line reeks of snarky ego and a pinch of entitlement. Congrats on a hell of a buck, but just let the drama go man. All of it.

Sorry Clint. I pray for the Haters and hope I can change their way of thinking. Believe it or not, I really am sorry for their attitudes and grief. Jealousy makes for a miserable life. I believe it much more gratifying to support and celebrate others success. Good look this season and hope you have a Merry Christmas.

I do not think it is jeliousy that is driving the back lash and critism. For many poaching is an unpardonable sin who’s penence is not only paid for in the court of law, but by the court of public opinion.  Yes, he did pay his debt to society, but should he be welcomed back as a hunting celebrity? Should hunters like him and Chris Brackett be given second chances?

The hunters that appear on TV are the face of hunting and these poaching incidents give us all a black eye.

In the long run humility goes along way to rebuild bridges. Spann’s attitude based on this post does not show much of it.