How To Cook Fish – Chicken Fried Catfish

Tight lining for cats is the ultimate summertime activity.

You stay up late chilling on the bank of your favorite lake or river waiting for the tip of your pole to start bobbing. It is so relaxing just like summer should be. The reflection of the moon on the water and the bullfrogs bellowing their tell tale song makes for a perfect summer night, biting fish just become a bonus.

Now that you have all your fish what are going to do with them. Have an old fashion fish fry of course. Cat fish is really easy to prepare. First soak it in milk for at least an hour. I like to add hot sauce to the milk to give it a bit of a kick. After it is done marinating pull it out dredge in flour, I like a all purpose and corn flour mix and drop into hot oil. Fry until golden brown. Then enjoy.