How to Cook Rabbit: Grilled Rabbit Loin Sandwiches

While I was cleaning rabbits this past winter a crazy idea popped into my head.

What if I take the back straps out? So After some skillful cutting, I had two beautiful strips of rabbit meat. Looking at them I thought to myself, “Those would fit perfectly on a hotdog bun.”

Pro tip, I used a Havalon Piranta scalpel knife to remove the loin. It worked really well close to the bone. I recommend using one for game cleaning.

I proceeded to cut out the loins of the next six rabbits we harvested. I used the left over saddles for stock, which worked out really well there was enough meat left on them and I was able to make a hearty soup. So now I have a big bag of rabbit loins and all I have to do is wait for grilling season.

When cooking rabbit I tend to treat it like chicken. Toss it in your favorite marinade add whatever spices you like and throw it on the grill. Be careful not to overcook, rabbit tends to dry out if cooked too long. After it is done slap it in a hotdog bun and add whatever toppings you have around the house. In this video I added to Sweet Ginger sauce and cheese, but the possibilities are endless.

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