Cops Called on Deer Processor for Grinding Up Humans

In one of the most bizarre and funny stories so far in 2021, the cops were called on a deer processing plant for grinding up humans. Wild Game Processing Carlsbad, NM LLC posted to their Facebook page what had happened.

Wild Game Processing Carlsbad, NM LLC

We had an interesting day here at Wild Game Processing. Several sheriff’s rolled up with concerns about human body parts in our shop. Someone had called them saying they saw body parts displayed and were worried we were grinding up humans.

I’m not sure who reported us, or why this was a real concern, but rest assured, we do not grind up humans. We showed the sherrifs what they saw and all is good. Below is the image of what was reported.

While I admit it looks real, rest assured it’s latex. It was a Halloween prop.

To whomever called the police, thanks for your concern, but it was a fake hand.