Indians Pitcher Takes Down Coyote With Fastball


Cleveland Indians pitcher Corey Kluber had to defend his property against an unwanted intruder. Although the exact details are on clear, it appears that he was able get rid of a Coyote by hitting it in the ribs with a 90+ mile an hour fastball.

Red Sox writer Rob Bradford Tweeted: From someone close to situation: Corey Kluber recently got rid of coyote in backyard of new Mass. home w fastball to animal’s ribs. #legend

— Rob Bradford (@bradfo) December 24, 2016

CBS Sports reported that he killed it, but it seems that the only info they had at the time of reporting was the tweet.

My best guess of the situation was he saw a coyote and he deemed it a threat to either his kids or pets or maybe both. He grabbed a baseball, probably had quite a few lying around, and delivered a strike. I do not think he killed it, but I am sure the coyote learned his lesson.

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