Country Looks to Ban Trophy Photos

In a effort to limit internet backlash to legal hunting the country of Zimbabwe is looking to ban posting of hunting photos. The ban would only be in force while the hunter is in the country and would probably limit how outfitters advertise. But It would also hamper propaganda efforts by anti-hunting groups.

According to Zimbabwe Situation, an Alaskan hunting company —GrizzlyStik posted pictures of a hunt, where a lion was killed. The pictures court the ire of a local animal rights and awareness group, Lions of Hwange National Park, where it requested for an insight into how the hunt was sanctioned.

ZimParks spokesman Tinashe Farawo stated theyare working towards introducing an instrument, with those caught contravening it paying hefty fines or facing jail time.

“It is unfortunate that there are some people that take such issues to social media, without taking precise routes to settle or confirm issues. We are, however, investigating the matter of a hunt, which I would like to clarify as a sanctioned one. We are, however, working towards coming up with a Statutory Instrument that will prevent people from posting trophy hunts within the country on social media. Further details into that will be provided in due course. Countries such as Namibia have done so and we as a nation are working towards that,” added Farawo.

In the long run it might be a good policy. Anti-hunting groups have used trophy photo to forward their agenda. They post a picture from a legitimate hunt with  a ridicules caption and attempt to get it to go viral. It happened with Cecil the lion and more recently with Tessa Thompson Talley.

In my opinion this rule would limit the anti-hunting efforts more then it will hamper hunters. It will hopefully make it harder for them to spread their message.