COVID Found in Wild Deer: Biologist Suggests Hunters Wear Face Masks

For the first time, the COVID-19 virus has been discovered by researchers in wild deer in Ohio before this only anti-bodies had been found. This discovery confirms what biologists already suspected that wild deer could be carriers of the disease.

With hunting season less than a month away this prompted questions from the Columbus Dispatch to ask deer biologist, Mike Tonkovich, from The Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine what this discovery meant for hunters.

His suggestions included precautions that many hunters already take and center around field dressing after a kill with a notable exception.

“Don’t eat. Don’t smoke” while field dressing, Tonkovich said. “You might want to wear a face covering,” he added.

Columbus Dispatch

He went on to add that there are no outward signs that the deer would be infected so there would be no way of knowing if the deer you killed was infected and that the most contagious areas are around the face particularly the mouth and nose and you should wash your hands after handling a dead deer.

According to the USDA, there is no danger in eating the meat of an infected deer, and the chance of catching the disease from a deer is very slim.

So how many of you will be wearing a mask when you field dress your deer this year?