Coyote gets himself into Precarious Situation

A coyote in Nebraska tried to channel his inner Spiderman, but ends up getting stuck on a fence.

He somehow got into a Matt Howe’s yard and while attempting to jump the fence got both of his front feet stuck in between the pickets of the fence. He was eventually freed by local law enforcement who turned him over to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

Matt relayed the story to KSBW Channel 8 News.

“I noticed him on the fence and said, “What the heck?” I thought it was a dog," Matt Howe said. “A little closer look and saw it was a coyote.”

He told his wife who was in the bedroom feeding their two-week- old son.” He said, “Honey we have a coyote hanging from our fence” and that’s not something I expected to hear first thing in the morning,” Becky Howe said. “It was pretty shocking.”

They called 911 and a few Sarpy County Sheriff’s deputies arrived and they called the Nebraska Humane Society animal control. The coyote managed to get his legs and paws stuck deep in between the pickets on the fence. He could only move his head. There are bite marks on the fence.

“They tried to lift him and he didn’t come off the fence,” Matt Howe explained. “One of the officers broke the picket and he was free. We got him down and he just collapsed from being exhausted. He was probably there most of the night.”

Once the coyote recovers he will be returned to the wild.

Matt Howe said,” I’m glad he’s OK, that being said I know some friends who would have liked his pelt, too.”

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