Coyote Hunter Uses His Baby to Kill Coyotes!

I was recently at a coyote hunting seminar to learn some new tactics. The professional coyote hunter has killed thousands of coyotes all over the United States and had a lot of unique ways to kill coyotes.

The instructor stated that it does not matter what kind of distress call that you use. He said if you set up properly, a coyote will come to any call that sounds like an easy meal. “It could be a distressed fawn, rabbit, or even monkey!” he exclaimed.

In a seminar years ago he told this to a young father. The father explained that his daughter had the most annoying high pitched cry he had ever heard. The father decided to record the annoying cry of his one year old daughter, and see if a coyote would come into the new call.

The father went out and killed a coyote the next week using his new call. To date, he has killed 24 coyotes utilizing this tactic.

This was a funny story but does bring up an important point. Coyotes can easily take down a little kid. With the coyote population booming, this is something that we need to keep in mind. A coyote will kill anything that is an easy target, even your kid!