Coyote kills turkey and eats turkey eggs [VIDEO]

Danny Buxton from Lowcountry wildlife service LLC posted a shocking video Saturday. It shows how devastating a coyote can be to the turkey population.

Multiple videos and pictures were taken from a trail cam that Buxton had set up on a turkey nest. The first video shows the coyote catching and killing the Tukey. The second video shows the coyote ripping a bite out of the turkey and eating it, but the turkey is not dead and starts flopping around! The last video shows the coyote going back to eat all the eggs.

In a Facebook post Buxton wrote:

This is for all the naysayers that don’t think coyotes pose a threat to turkey. Here’s the videos that I woke up to this morning of my now deceased hen turkey and her now destroyed eggs. Coyote killed her first and then crushed and ate all the eggs. Then the coyote plucked her clean and, more than likely, took her body back to the den to feed pups.