10 Crazy Outdoors Related Items on Amazon

You can find almost anything for sale on Amazon and to be honest something of those things are really weird. Here are a few of my favorite outdoor related products.

1. Cured Muskrat Feet

5 Muskrat Feet. These are back feet They are cured and dried so they do not bend. The legs measure about 2 3/8 inches long and are around a 3/4 inch wide. REALLY NICE FEET!!!!!  They also have beaver and raccoon feet as well.

2. Raccoon Penis Bone Necklace

This lovely necklace is made with one real raccoon baculum. The baculum (also penis bone, penile bone or os penis) is a bone found in the penis of many placental mammals. Each bone is at least 3.5 inches long. It is possible it will be a little different in size, shape, and color as each bone is unique. 

A 5-star review stated “Raccoon penis bone is supposed to be good luck, tucked into the bridal bouquet. Worked for me! I’m happily married “

3. Deer Track ATV Tires

What outdoorsman doesn’t want to outfit his ATV with deer track Treaded tires? I know I do. Everywhere you drive leaving deer tracks.

4. Bison Scrotum

I cannot describe this item better than the actual post. So here is is.

Real Bison scrotum! BUFFALO NUT SAC! It measures about 6 inches long and is about 10 inches around. It is hard tanned so it stays the shape it is.!! NEAT ONE!! HAS A HOLE !! It is a summer sac so it is not hairy!!! You will be receiving the one pictured!!! It would be great for man cave decoration, boneyard décor, or is a great Gag gift or can be used to keep change in or store your NUTS (haha).

5. Hollow-Point Gear Bullet Tire Caps

Show off your love of guns with these bullet casing tire caps, handmade from recycled .40 caliber bullet casings. The bullet casings have been loaded, chambered, fired, and ejected from a .40 caliber firearm. These tire caps are designed with an actual bullet casing and a sturdy screw cap inlay. The casings hold up well in all conditions and protect your valve stems from dirt, rocks, and whatever other abuse you put your vehicle through. These caps are tough, rugged, and designed to show off your tactical side. Whether you’re a military serviceman, law enforcement officer, survivalist, a doomsday prepper, zombie hunter, or gun buff, these are the tire caps that your vehicle deserves!

6. The Baculum in the Chipmunks of Western North Americ

Do you like chipmunks? Do like penis bones? Than do we have the book for you. Curl up next to the fire place and sip so hot coco as you enjoy this riveting tale about Alvin, Simon, and Theodore’s nether regions.

7. Toilet Fishing Game

Fish from your throne with this awesome game. Just be careful not to catch a brown trout or hook yourself in the bass hole.

8. Red Shotgun Shell Shower Curtain Hooks

Make showering a blast with these high powered shotgun shell shower curtain hangers. They are certain to show that you are a bonafide redneck

9. Penis Shaped Crank Bait

Not sure what type of fish you will catch with this, maybe some type of sucker or possibly a lady fish.

10. Deer Butt Bottle Opener

Just what every man cave need. Especially if you drink Coors Light, that swill might as well be what comes out of a deer’s butt.