Crossbow Hunter Loses Finger after Shooting 8-Point Buck (Graphic Photo)

Like most weapons crossbow are potentially dangerous if not operated correctly. Most injuries come from the shooter accidentally extending his/her finger above the rail and in the path of the string. At the very least it is painful and at the very worst you can lose a finger.

The lost finger scenario happened to hunter, Duane Mitchell. When he was shooting at a nice eight-point buck he lost track of his hand placement on his Ravin Crossbow. The string was unforgiving and took off his finger in the process.

The good thing is that at least he has a full freezer because he killed the deer he was shooting off. However, it looks like his pinkie finger will be a little shorter because he was unable to find the tip.

These new Ravin crossbows are no joke. They shoot a bolt at over 450 fps, so that string is moving quickly and it will destroy everything in its way. It is not surprising the finger was cut clean off.

Southern Boyz Outdoors posted the Mitchell’s to Facebook and the post went viral. Many people were commiserating the situation by showing their finger injuries and welcoming him to the “Nub Club.”

Duane Mitchell got a really nice 8pt today but the Ravin got the end of his little finger. Duane is on the way to the hospital to get a few stitches. He’s Ok..

Our phone call went like this Duane: I shot a Buck and the crossbow cut the end of my finger off. Me: Did you get the Buck? Duane Yes… Me What do you mean cut your finger off? Duane: ITS GONE !! Me: Dam.. I’m on my way.

Crossbow hunters y’all be careful and remember to keep your fingers down.

Congratulations, on the buck and we are praying for a speedy recovery.