Cutting Down a Tree with a Belt-Fed .22LR

If you have never fired a belt-fed weapon you are defiantly missing out. I fired my fair share of them in the army, including the M-249, M-60, M-2, and the MK-19. They are a ton of fun to shoot and you can put a ton of lead down range fast.

In this video Dustin from History Channel’s Top Shot shows us his new toy, a full-auto belt-fed .22lr, and boy is it cool. He fires it at some steel before showing us how it works and then gets cutting.

He fires an entire belt into this tree and as he puts the next belt on the tree gives way and topples over. What is really cool is the straight-line he fired across the trunk.

If you have ever fired an automatic weapon you understand their tendency to “walk” their way up the target. This .22 does not do this, the gun’s weight and the light recoil allow you to hold a consistent rate of fire and be completely on target.

Unfortunately, the gun Dustin uses is no longer in production, so if you want one you will have to find it used. Also, the cost of the tax stamp puts it out of the reach of most law-abiding gun owners.