CWD Researcher May Have Discovered Major Breakthrough

CWD has turned into a very controversial topic in the US. With confirmed cases in 24 states and spreading, it has many hunters worried. Many people believe CWD is the biggest problem to face hunting in 100 years, others think its a hoax. Everyone thinks they are an expert. Here is what one scientist has discovered.

 Dr. Frank Bastian at Louisiana State University’s Department of Agriculture, thinks we may be wrong about prions causing CWD.  He believes CWD is actually caused by a previously undiscovered species of bacteria called spiroplasma. 

John Eveland of Unified Sportsmen of PA says, “Because prion is always present in infected animals, it was erroneously assumed that prions were the cause of the disease.”

For many years we have not seen any development in eliminating CWD. The problem has been growing and the only solution has been to eradicate deer populations. Even this solution wont work since the prions remain in the soil for years, and free ranging deer go where ever they want.

We still do not know for sure if DR. Everland is correct. This may be the breakthrough that scientist have need to find a real solution for CWD.