Dead Deer Stuck in Tree after Flood Waters Receded: True or False

A picture of a deer stuck 30-40 feet up in a tree has started to make its rounds on social media. The claim was it was deposited there by the recent flooding that ripped through southern Missouri. I was skeptical at first because a lot of things you see online are not always legit.

A lot of people are claiming that it is a mountain lion kill that was drug up the tree. They cite the fact that picture shows no other flood debris in the picture. On face value it makes since, but after I did some follow up research, I dismissed this idea. I am saying this picture is legit and is what it claims to be.

Here is what my research uncovered:

The original poster was Dawt Mill of Tecumseh, Missouri. They had other photos that showed how high the water was and other debris stuck it trees at the same level. They removed their post after it started to go viral. Probably did not want the attention it was causing.

A local sent me a video that his buddy took of the deer. It was on the Gasconade River, he assured me that water was that high two weeks ago.

I saw two separate sources that confirm the story and substantiate that the flood water was indeed that high. Mountain lions are rare in Missouri and for one to show up and deposit a deer during that time period right after the flood seems highly unlikely.