Deer Killed in Bedroom after Crashing Through Window

You never know what to expect during the rut. Bucks have one thing on their mind and common sense is not it. At least this is our best guess as to what happened to this buck who crashed through a window and was eventually put down in the bedroom.

Michael Bell posted the following to several Facebook groups. In the post, he credits Dave Sasser on the Sasser farm for the pictures and the story.

Deer season is always an interesting time on the farm, especially when a buck decides to crash through a window of mom and dad’s house and my nephew John has to shoot it in the guest bedroom! Broken glass, some broken furniture, and a blood trail… but it could have been worse with china cabinets full of depression glass. Haven’t I seen this on an insurance commercial?!

Where the deer died
Lots to clean up
That looks expensive
Not a bad looking 8-point

Bucks are definitely crazy during the rut. It is a good thing no one was hurt or there was not any more damage done to the place. I am guessing they will have to replace the carpet. It would take a lot of club soda to get all that blood out.

And for those that say you can kill them from the couch, I guess here is one example when you can, but it probably wont happen so if you want some venison you need to get out and hunt.

This is not the first time we have written about deer breaking into people’s houses a few years ago we had this story where a deer broke into a house and the police were called. Everything was captured on body cam. It made for a cool video.

NOTE: We located two Sasser farms. one located in Oklahoma and in North Carolina, so we are unsure where exactly this took place.