Did Deer Meat Make 10 Men Violently Ill?

Ten men in Wisconsin became violently sick with a mystery illness this past week. The only connection they was a shared meal of  deer meat five days before. Doctors are not entirely sure if the deer meat was the culprit but right it seems to be the most likely option.

According to ABC 12 Wisconsin, Scott Mathison said the symptoms didn’t appear for five days after his church retreat to Black River Falls.

“I could feel the life leaving my body. I knew something was something really serious,” Mathison said Friday. “I was violently shaking, had a 104 (degree) fever when my wife took me in to urgent care. If I wouldn’t have been treated, I’m not sure I would’ve came through that.”

“I found out one of the other guys was sick, and then I found another one was sick and so we started calling and checking and we were all having the exact same symptoms, and we realized we didn’t have the flu,” he said.

An official with the Jackson County Health Departmentsaid that experts are looking into it.

“We’re aware of this case but there’s really no concern for the public at this point,” Public Health Manager Ellen Moldenhauer said.

Deer meat in general is very safe. There are very few cases of food poison originating from deer meat. That being said proper treatment of meat is critical.

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