Deer Photobombs Couples Beach Engagement Photos

A Michigan couple had an interesting guest show up during their engagement photo shoot. A small buck decided turned what would have been ordinary pictures into something pretty epic.

According to Michigan Live, Jakob Lee, 25, of Hudsonville had just gotten down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend of 2 and a half years,  Colbie Wakeley, 23, of Grayling. When a deer walked up to them and inserted himself in the event.

Needless to say, the pictures are pretty epic.

It started out normal
Everything was perfect
Then he showed up
Hey, guys what’s this?
Taking pictures?
Don’t mid me
Ope, let me sneak right by ya!
Oh, by the way, you make a cute couple

Many people believe that this is the same deer that showed up on the same beach a few weeks before. Looking at the antlers and fracturing growth and behavior I saw it is a pretty good chance.

All I have to say is Congratulations to the happy couple. You have probably the most unique engagement pictures out there.