Deer Slams into 8th-grade girl competing in Cross country meet

A deer stopped a cross country meet last Saturday in Michigan after ramming into an eighth grade girl and leaping away, leaving the girl driving in and out of conciesnes.

Madison Sylvester of Saginaw Michigan was racing at Delta College in a 2 mile cross country meet with her sister Maegan. When the incident happened her sister was only feet behind her who saw the deer doing up beside the tail just before the collision.

Madison hoped the deer would miss her but her father said, “barreled right over her. Apparently the deer hit her straight in the side, knocked her off balance then picked her up and threw her before running off.”

”I remember my sister like screaming for help and stuff and a few other girls,” Maegan told WJRT news.

Those first moments were scary; her dad told McClatchy News. His daughter was bloodied and falling “in and out of consciousness.”

The extent and severity of Madison’s injuries were unclear, but after “several scans and tests” at a hospital, the worst of his fears were eased.

She suffered a concussion and has a fractured clavicle, but Madison is doing fine, according to her father.